Standing amidst an orchard, the trees loaded with golden apples, you pluck one right off and bite into the ripe, juicy fruit. That's the feeling you get with every bite of Mezmo Candy, your very own fix of orchard-fresh apples. Anytime, anywhere. With a drizzle of spearmint, it makes for the perfect sweet treat during, and after meals!

Let every bite remind you of your favourite summer vacation.

Hello, I'm Rojo, a red panda you see,In the eastern Himalayas, I'm happy as can be.
Apples are my favorite, they're sweet and tart,They give me energy, they give me heart.
My body's a temple, I treat it with care,I'm strong and healthy, beyond compare.
You can call me a tness guru, it's true,I'll show you the way, I'll guide you through.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Neha Kapoor

Super satiating and definitely value for money! 1 entire box is a good enough snack for an adult.

Mabel Chan
Kids love them!

Kids love the candy, so I pack some into their tiffins.

Dipti Jain
It is healthy and tasty

I let my son eat Mezmo candy because it is healthy and tasty

Aashna trivedi
Loved the candy over all

The candy was so good the part that made the candy unique was that it’s super healthy and the sweetness was also in check. Loved the candy over all

Mommy recommended

A healthy candy is an oxymoron, until we tried mezmo candy, loved the strawberry and the lemon flavour in particular. Way to go mezmo candy. Mommy recommended